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Thu, 2 May 1996 08:48:24 -0700

Replying to LO7101 --

re: the comment "this is not an attempt to trivialise the ladder"

Hello, I noticed this comment in the discussion, and thought I should
speak up... I tend to try to "conceptualize" certain ideas with simple
statements that are often taken (usually to my surprise) as trivialization
when they really represent (to me) a deeper understanding.

I find that there is a huge dependance on Logic (you know, facts, data and
process) which makes people think that deep understanding is quite
complex. I generalize this idea by calling it "left brain proceedural"
and try to point out all the "stuff" this approach overlooks. Logic is a
good useful tool, but it has limits and breaks down after a while... (ever
look at a computer programmers flow chart of how software works? why are
they so jumbled up at the bottom of the page? - the logic is breaking
down... How much more in real life)

Conceptual understanding tends to have a lot of "right brain"
understanding in it (stuff that is felt, visualized in the minds eye or
the gut). This sort of understanding seems to be more global, but looks
like an over simplification when stated.

My point is-don't let people make you feel bad when you state something
conceptually. The comments about being able to use the ladder of
inference as a tool without understanding all the "in's and out's" shows
you have a more conceptual understanding of it than most of us do. Linear
logic can't accept this without proofs, but in this case, the proof is in
the living not the talking about living.

I've seen the word "wisdom" used in some of the posts. I think wisdom
comes from using both Logical and Conceptual thought processes together.
Since academia tends to be more Rational or Logic driven-we end up doing a
lot more work and get ourselves in rediculous debates when all we need to
do is open ourselves up to the possibilities presented. Instead of
wisdom-we're more into "we's dumb" because we don't understand all we
know. (lots of facts and data-little conceptual).

I appreciate the conceptual commentary, and want to speak up to those who
don't get it. Just relax and let the possibilities percolate. Most of
these words are not gross generalizations, they are evidence of
experience, milage and yes, even wisdom.


-- (Michael Erickson)

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