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>Logic is a
>good useful tool, but it has limits and breaks down after a while... (ever
>look at a computer programmers flow chart of how software works? why are
>they so jumbled up at the bottom of the page? - the logic is breaking
>down... How much more in real life)

I deeply disagree with this. The implication is that the right brain is
illogical. Torrence, et al who invented the concept and measurements of
left v right espoused no such belief. Indeed, programming can suficiently
emulate emotion so as to pass the Turing test in that regard.

Example: an "emotion" can be "inappropriate" to its "context" can it not?
If I fly off into a fit of anger anytime you use the word "turnip" then
most might regard that anger as inappropriate to the context. They make
this judgement via something called "logic". So even emotions can be
logical or illogical yet logic cannot, by definition, be emotional. Thus,
it is logic which occupies the "higher" position.

Logic is, IMHO, not just a tool. It IS us. Horses and dogs have
emotions, their logical processing capbailities are generally thought to
be less well developed.

Hal Popplewell


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