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Thu, 2 May 1996 09:02:52 -0700

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Re: the comment....
>I have instructed people with whom I work and train that at the end of
>team meetings during the initial weeks of work together team members take
>the last five minutes of a team meeting for something unusual: process

we call the "the Process Check" and we do it also fairly regularly at
the end of meetings (any size). We draw a line down the center of a
white board or piece of papter, put a Plus on one side, a Minus on the
other side and take comments from everyone.

Then we keep the paper and look at it in the next meeting to see if any
of it is still relevent. Gets the team working together and acts as a
leveler (staff people, leads and management position doesn't count on a
process check).

I can't say I'm always glad we do the process check. sometimes the
only comments are "good donuts"... But we've also exposed some serious
issues and it's lead to some real improvement, so I recommend it also.

-- (Michael Erickson)

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