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Mon, 29 Apr 96 10:41 GMT+0500

Replying to LO7000 --

> I believe that universities, an especially some programs such as
>Buisiness programs, are losing their own future in a very slow process
-- Ivan

I tend to disagree with some of you when you say "abolish universities" or
"I vowed to never again take another college or university course ". I
personally love going back to school*I did it after two yrs of working and
am planning for it again*. I believe no institution can give you total
education. All universities/schools can do is to provide the "trickle
charge". Its then upon the individual(s) to carry on. Long ago I saw a
poster which said "Education is not a race for grades" The fault lies with
us who believe that "structured classes, class materials (textbooks), the
classroom, the 3 hour-credit course, etc" are an end by themselves. Change
the point of view and look at it as the beginning of something larger.
Then things fall into perspective. As I stated in an earlier mail , we
need to realize that the move from school to work is a move from a small
class room to a larger one.

And when I look at it from your viewpoint some questions come up ?

* What is the alternative ?
* How do we ensure that the freedom is not abused ? Are we
equipped to do it ?

I think instead of "shocking the system", let us work towards improving on
what is existing and then build "The NEW" around it.


The Shark - He glides silently , focused on his prey , giving no clue
whatsoever of his presence.
And when he attacks, its usually for a clean , effortless kill.

-- (Ram Sundaram)

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