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Tue, 30 Apr 1996 06:55:47 -0400

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Sundar said:

> I believe no institution can give you total
>education. All universities/schools can do is to provide the "trickle

If that is all that they can do, I would like them better.

Here is something else they can do: they can teach you many things that
are not in the syllabi, and which are strongly misdirective. They can
fail to take advantage of a supreme opportunity, namely to show by example
how a thoughtful, caring, organization can be well-managed. They can
progressively lower standards of education, and thereby drag down a nation
built on the blood, sweat, and tears of older generations.

Yes, if all they did was get you moving in the right direction, they would
be doing fine. Having been in various universities for 37 years of my
life, I can see both the good and the bad at work. The worst thing about
the bad is that if 5% of the energy spent in these institutions were
diverted to correcting the bad, a 1000% improvement could be had. That's
real leverage, and the fact that it lies fallow is mute testimony to the
present nature of these institutions.

John N. Warfield


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