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Tue, 30 Apr 1996 06:55:47 -0400

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Marion said:

> From a letter to the NY Times by Supreme Court Justice Felix
>Frankfurter, upon the death of Alfred North Whitehead, January 7, 1948:
>"That our universities have grave shortcomings for the intellectual life
>of this nation is by now a commonplace. The chief source of their
>inadequacy is probably the curse of departmentalization."

This is probably a good time to repeat a quotation from Alfred North

"Modern scholarship and modern science...canalize thought and observation
within predetermined limits, based upon inadequate metaphysical
assumptions dogmatically assumed."

I wonder how many LOers are aware that Whitehead was a fine mathematician
before he became a philosopher. If he could see today what modelers do
with mathematics, he would probably go into exponentially-increasing

John N. Warfield


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