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Dr. Ivan Blanco (BLANCO@BU4090.BARRY.EDU)
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> Date: 24 Apr 96 17:17:23 EDT
> From: "Roxanne S. Abbas" <75263.3305@CompuServe.COM>
> If Price wrote:
> >I read an article today about a man who gave a paper to a UK conference
> about considering why not abolish universities. ....Do we need
> universities any more than we need temples to the delphic oracle?
> I was so thrilled to learn that I was not the only person who is thinking
> this. When I discovered this list, I vowed to never again take another
> college or university course. My learning here is far greater and more
> efficient and less expensive than any I experienced in my many years of
> formal education! I am eager to hear others' views.
> Roxanne Abbas

I believe that universities, an especially some programs such as
Buisiness programs, are losing their own future in a very slow process
filled with arrogance and lack of "true awarness" of what is goiong here!
I have said it so many times that the structured classes, class materials
(textbooks), the classroom, the 3 hour-credit course, etc., have become so
universally accepted as necessary for education to take place that we
failed to recognize and accept the fact that learning is not constrained
to any of those factors or dimensions. We have failed to reciognize how
meaningles the whole thing has become. It is possible that in some fields
of knowledge the traditional univeristy environment is the most
appropriate way of learning. But I am sure that there are many other
fields of knowledge where the traditional structure has served as a
deterrent to advancement. This list is much dynamic, meaningful, rich in
terms of the diversity of views, etc.

-- Ivan,


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