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Ivan Blanco wrote

>I believe that universities, an especially some programs such as
Buisiness programs, are losing their own future in a very slow process
filled with arrogance and lack of "true awarness" of what is goiong here


1. Thanks for taking this idea a step further. I am interested to see
where, if anywhere the discussion goes next

2. As we know slow processes have a tendency to accelerate.

3. In one of my other incarnations -as an outsourced academic- I
contribute to teaching Facilites Management [which in the UK is often
shorthand for outsourcing non-core services and is one of the few growth
areas of the economy]. One excercise we use is to ask students to define
what is core for universities following a range of strategies from 'world
class' to 'maximum value from the capital asset' - all based on real
scenarios. The interesting one for this discussion is the 'concentrate on
attracting maximum numbers of students' option. It always seems to produce
the answer 'lay off 20% of staff whose courses under perform and seek
funds to invest in new buildings'. We see many examples of this strategy
being pursued in real life. I would be interested to know if others see
the same phenomenon.

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