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> John Paul Fullerton reported on his efforts to validate research about
> changes in the social environment of our schools and my earlier comments
> about the bogus nature of this study.

> The topic is discussed completely in D. Berliner's mrecently published
> "The Manufactured Crisis". Anyone interested in looking at how "data"
> becomes accepted, from article to congressional testimony to commonly know
> "fact" as well as an interesting review of research about the
> effectiveness of American education would benefit from Berliner's work.

After getting Your note through the list, I checked to see what I
could find about "The Manufactured Crisis". The most significant
commentary that I found included a review by (I think) Lawrence
Stedman, a fairly insulting response by the authors of the book, and
then a 115K response by Stedman. Yow.

Later in the evening, it came to mind to try searching for "John
Glenn" and education. Then I added the word survey and finally found
a fact-filled account showing that You were accurate in saying that
the data was not!

The account is

New York Times Magazine Section, March 6, 1994, pp. 46-49 The
History of a Hoax

and is available at

One possibly humourous section talks about the "Fullerton version" of
the list :) (That means Fullerton, California.)

The article closes with the following statement

"The lists' broad sweep ignores that some public schools are
devastated by violence and substance abuse and others hardly touched
at all. They should not guide our choices on education policy."

To me, that seems fair to some extent. I still believe school
discipline to be significantly different now than in 1940; however,
others know more about this than me.

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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