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On 18 Apr 1996, Rol Fessenden wrote in reply to Julie Beedon:

> I would not relive those experiences for
> anything, but having done so, I can use the learnings effectively.

Right now, my memory is composed of a lot of the comfortable & pleasant
periods, so if I happen to have learned a lot during those times, great!

I wouldn't say that *I* have learned more during either so-called
uncomfortable & unpleasant or comfortable & pleasant periods.

> Institutions probably need to be in crisis to be willing to change
> substantially. I am unsure how to characterize this in the scheme above.

I think an unstated purpose of characterization could be for an
organization to focus and remember those times when things "go with the
flow" and "are in sync" such that the organization makes good decisions on
allocation of resources, etc.

I don't know the scheme for characterization you are referring to.
Whatever the scheme, there's usually an unstated purpose involved.

Operating as a composite team mind, my name for "going with the flow",
could be an example of "comfortable and pleasant" periods at the
organizational level as opposed to the individual level.

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