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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
18 Apr 96 22:18:43 EDT

Replying to LO6760 --

Julie says,

My past experiences have left me with the notion that my most valuable
learning has been associated with quite difficult and incredibly painful
times which I have come through and reflected on and somehow been
supported in recognising my own contribution to the issues without leaving
me feeling 'to blame'.

=== End quote ===

I agree with this. The best learnings I have experienced came from
incredibly painful experiences. I would not relive those experiences for
anything, but having done so, I can use the learnings effectively. I
would not recommend this kind of learning to anyone. Discomfort of
varying degrees can lead to learning of various degrees. In most cases,
the discomfort is worth the learning, which is different than the the
situation when the result is painful.

Institutions probably need to be in crisis to be willing to change
substantially. I am unsure how to characterize this in the scheme above.


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