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Julie Beedon (
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 06:29:58

Replying to LO6711 --

Scott and Rol have been having an interesting discussion about pain and

My past experiences have left me with the notion that my most valuable
learning has been associated with quite difficult and incredibly painful
times which I have come through and reflected on and somehow been
supported in recognising my own contribution to the issues without leaving
me feeling 'to blame'. I have also found when acting as a
consultant/change agent that whilst not planning to avoid difficult or
painful learnings for people it has never helped to deliberately plan them

I am almost sympathetic to Rols comment of no pain no gain as I have
watched organisations and in particular leadership teams work through the
dissonance and confusion and reach much higher levels of understanding of
themselves and the organisation. There does seem to be some kind of
relationship between the discomfort and the learning - anyone studied


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