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Wed, 17 Apr 1996 06:37:31

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>1. Could there be definable "stages" in the development of an LO? I have
>in mind something like the maturity levels of the CMU Capability Maturity
>Model, or the Business Transformation Levels from the MIT MIT90s
>programme. Or is any such idea antithetical to the LO concept?

I have observed some phases - perhaps other people have seen some of
LO as as training task - something to teach everyone to do
LO as a Leadership issue - something to get them to do
LO for teams - and the beginnings of team learning
LO linked to strategic thinking and breakthrough -
beginning to make whole system connections
LO as a whole system experience - with alignment, shared
visioning and personal mastery breaking through everywhere

>2. I find myself making connections between the Learning Organisation
>concepts and ideas/constructs/ways of looking at things from other
>apparently very different fields :

Theology and Walter Wink's most excellent book - Engaging the Powers (some
of the best stuff on sytems thinking I have ever read)


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