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16 Apr 96 00:24:34 EDT

Replying to LO6690 --

Scott says,

Rol had said, in It's not just semantics LO6652:

>Pain is certainly part of learning. As Keith says elsewhere, failure
>is essential to learning. To my way of thinking, the executives Keith
>describes, prevent learning by preventing failure.

to which Scott replies in part,

The S-C-A-R-Y reaction from managers gets into the shift from discomfort
into pain -- how pain is necessary for change to occur. The discussion
will often then shift to how much pain people are in now and how it is
paralyzing the organization's initiative now.

I'll often let this play out and then shift back to the difference between
discomfort with the present reality and the impetus it *can* give to
change versus the debilitating aspects of pain as perceived by the pain-ee

=== end prior quotes ===

Scott is absolutely correct. Pain is not essential, but there must be
enough discomfort to ablige us to re-examine our paradigms and values.
When I referred to pain, I was probably drawing on my male past -- no
pain, no gain, and all that. Pardon me.


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