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Responding to my reflections on personal learning and pain Rol said:

>Institutions probably need to be in crisis to be willing to change
>substantially. I am unsure how to characterize this in the scheme above.

Wonderful thought...

I always remember one of the things which struck me about Deming and the
title of Out of the Crisis was the stuff which he said around our
awareness of the crisis we are in. If I get the quote right it is
something on the lines of - when he went to Japan they knew they were in
crisis, they only had to look out of the window.... we think because we
had breakfast this morning everything is fine.

So if recognising the crisis is a key step - how does it come to happen??

Also we sometimes see the crisis but think there are simple answers to it
so do not see it for what it is (ie a crisis). Would it be too much if I
referenced Deming again on the futile search for 'instant pudding'.

So we get 2 key steps:

1. there is a crisis
2. there is no simple answer

Going back to my individual and painful learnings did I experience these
cognitively? and would this translate?

Firstly I think I had to face up to the crisis - no one could tell me
about it in a way which would have me listen. Although a couple of people
did excellent jobs of helping me by letting me know how much they valued
things I did and how they could have contributed to the crisis/painful

Secondly I think my first easy way out was to assume it was impossible and
I was hopeless and I was *never* going to do *it* again - simple. Then
when I realised it was more complex I moved forward - what helped me do

Other perspectives.
A desire to do it again - better.
A belief I could do it without making the same errors.
A sense that it would be worthwhile.
An appreciation of the array of factors involved.

Would any of this translate for organisational learning - I have to
reflect some now - this was just a brain dump - sorry if it was a bit long


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