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Replying to LO6822 --

This is intended to redirect a strand of the "It's not just semantics"
thread back to the "Nature of LO" (or similarly titled thread). I'm
commenting on Julie Beedon's post, It's not just semantics LO6822.

Julie talks about how she learned from Deming's "Out of the Crisis" and
describes a few simply ideas that helped her move forward:

> Other perspectives.
> A desire to do it again - better.
> A belief I could do it without making the same errors.
> A sense that it would be worthwhile.
> An appreciation of the array of factors involved.
> Support.

Then she asks whether "any of this [would] translate for organisational

I'd say it is at the root of organizational learning. There's been a lot
of talk about the characteristics of a learning organization, and I'd say
that Julie's short list captures a number of them. Each of the items must
be present in the fabric and culture of an organization (or a person, for
that matter) in order for it to be self-renewing.

Nice work, Julie.



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