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19 Apr 1996 08:12:45 -0400

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Yes, Jack, I certainly had those sports teams in mind, and didn't think
that anyone would NOT take mental note of their existence (sorry for the
double whatchamacallit). I'm not certain how you meant your observation.

My children both play on travel soccer teams, and I am a committed coach
and state referee; I know the value of athletics, having played soccer
from grade school through graduate school i.e. I have an attitude....

The collaboration of sports teams, I would suggest, is different than
anything we currently bring to most non-athletic endeavors. However, I
wouldn't mind us continuing this thread. You've gone ahead and provoked
it, Jack! In my opinion, there remains a substantial disconnect between
the learning of teams (what relatively few there are) in school
classrooms, and cohesion/successes of athletic teaming.



Barry Mallis

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