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03 Apr 96 16:13:21 EST

In response to John Woods, writing in Brain-writing on Leadership
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>Did you ever notice the strong relationship between the traits
>of great leaders and the traits of great human beings? Do you
>think that tells us something about what human potential is all

Yep. It's unlimited. I had a chance to visit a magnificant
cathedral in Dembosch (pardon the spelling) in The Netherlands. It
is old, inspirational, awe-inspiring, dominent and amazing. Being
a spiritual, but not a religious person, I seldom venture into
such places.

But standing there, I was struck by a single thought:

How can man conceive of and design such inspired structures,
enlist the energies of hundreds of craftsmen and laborers on a
project taking decades, complete an endeavor that leaves a lasting
legacy to people of all faiths and creeds, whilst at the same time
man chooses to live such individual lives of mediocrity.

We can build inspired structures, yet we tend to lead lives with a
lack of vision and purpose. We can craft pipe organs that are 50
feet high and melodic and beautiful yet we play tunes that are
uninspired and dull.

Guess it's an issues of Choice. Or maybe we can't see the forest
of our lives from the bark of the tree.

Me, I try to make asprin out of willows,

For the Fun of It!


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