Missing it?? LO6392

Julie Beedon (julie@vistabee.win-uk.net)
Wed, 03 Apr 1996 14:30:56

Replying to LO6322 --
>I received a fair amount of response to my original posting. I found it
>interesting that, although the vast majority of mail was in support of my
>thoughts, these came via direct email rather than being posted on the
>learning-org list.

Interestingly enough I experienced a similar phenomea on the Deming list
recently - but one of the main things I was commenting on was that I
expereinced less of a sense of what you describe on this list - now I will
have to think about this - is it in the nature of these lists??

Julie Beedon
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Julie Beedon <julie@vistabee.win-uk.net>

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