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Thu, 04 Apr 96 09:02:11 EST

Replying to LO6391 --

Scott wrote:

> We can build inspired structures, yet we tend to lead lives with a
> lack of vision and purpose. We can craft pipe organs that are 50
> feet high and melodic and beautiful yet we play tunes that are
> uninspired and dull.

It's true that humans build the inspired structures, or create melody
and beauty and lead lives with a lack of vision and purpose, and are
uninspired and dull. The difference is some humans who lead lives of
vision, purpose, are inspired and lead the way to great futures are
few. The majority follow.

I believe that is changing now. There is a larger percentage of
people today who are ready to recognize their vision and purpose, and
stretch their wings towards a brighter future.

I guess it's all your point of view. One man sees a field, and
another man sees the monument he's going to build there!

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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