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Reflections on Easter:

We are all sinners - the way to a better life includes repentance. (Think

Since we can't make it on our own - we have to believe that a "higher"
power is understanding and forgives us our "sins". competition meditation
on the power of love, of sacrifice and forgiveness - even to forgive
ourselves - transforms us and our relationships. This is the 12 steps of
AA - I can't do it myself but need help. I am weak and foolish but there
will be a path for my feet and a light on the path from above. SO...
that's true isn't it ? Man's search for meaning is the grace from the
impossible dream - Good Mrs. Murphy will follow me all the days of my life
( from a 8 year old ) The step of repentance is critical. The path of the
boot camp, Markarenko' s Road to Life (Communist) the Way of St. Loyola,
is my the seven stages - Welcome, motivation, goals, repentance,
forgiveness, union, and joy ( The peace that passes all understanding ).

In less religious terms the way of the hero with 1000 faces (Campbell)
involves real change and requires suffering and the rewards of facing our
fears and demons.

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now. Sorry. ...Rick]


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