Teams and Turf LO6390

Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (
03 Apr 96 16:13:17 EST

Responding to Art Clarke's Teams and Turf LO6360, he wrote:

>What are the pro's and con's of a team having an identifiable
>physical location in the work place?

Nothing would be "wrong." We all have to deal with physical realities.
Having a clear sense of cross-locational purposes would be important if we
want teams to work together more effectively across such physical
boundaries. Sharing some common measurements of success (qualitative and
quantitative) would also help.

And some friendly get-togethers to "rot the silos" will also help. One of
the realities of teams is you get shared risk and multiplied success on
the part of each individual. This is what helps drive the creative /
innovative process.

So, in metaphor, consider the team as a jazz band, with the groups having
a common focus on performing but with each "band" playing the same tune.
Each individual will want a solo opportunity and they will have to stop
playing occasionally to tune the instruments and practice some new riffs.

Don't turn the amplifier up so high that one drowns out the other and have
them each tuned to the same radio station so that they can get periodic
updates on quality.

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