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>What are the pro's and con's of a team having an identifiable physical
location in the work place?
I wonder if assigning turf will not result in
the re-formation of the fiefdoms of old.
> We welcome accounts of your experiences and suggestion. Regards from
central Ontario on a snowy April Fool's Day, Art
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Art: We all have to sit someplace. And as normal human behavior goes,
after we sit, we try to adapt that place to suit our individual needs. It
is said the people of the Kalahari share their food and that leadership
shifts as the task at hand shifts, but that each "owns" the tools they use
for hunting, making clothes, etc. And that their shelter is their shelter.
It seems the answer to your question is to be found in what is shared and
perhaps in how leadership is distributed and decisions are made, not in
where you live.

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