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Rachel Vance (
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 09:13:13 -0500

Replying to Willingness to Change LO5942

Dave Birren wrote about " management's simple lack of awareness of the
values that *really* drive the organiation and how dependent they are on
those values."

Winfried M. Deijmann replied >In my training experience I notice often
that becoming aware of the driving values often causes to much pain to
those involved, especially those values that can be marked with 'silent
sabotage'. . . Does this mean that consultants and trainers - in general
- are analysing and solving the wrong problems? Why bother everybody with
'quick fix' seminars and trainings, knowing that you will not be able to
reach out , touch and change the underlying values? In other words: Why
keep on doing things off which we can know that they will not work?"

How does one go about identifying and measuring these underlying values?
Seems to me they fit somewhere in a "white space" chart between what the
organization says it stands for and what behavior it actually exhibits. Is
there a tool or model to help with this? I'm now concerned that the values
activities I've helped groups through just skimmed the surface and missed
the mark on substance.

-- (Rachel Vance)

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