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>Winfried M. Deijmann replied
>In my training experience I notice often
>that becoming aware of the driving values often causes to much pain to
>those involved, especially those values that can be marked with 'silent
>sabotage'. . . Does this mean that consultants and trainers - in general
>- are analysing and solving the wrong problems? Why bother everybody with
>'quick fix' seminars and trainings, knowing that you will not be able to
>reach out , touch and change the underlying values? In other words: Why
>keep on doing things off which we can know that they will not work?"

I'm afraid that I've given up trying to change other people's or
organizations values. I've never been successful at it. No-one has been
successful trying to change mine either, for that matter.

Perhaps it's just a tunnel at the end of which there is no cheese...


-- <Francis Wade>

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