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Winfried Deijmann (winfried@knoware.nl)
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 02:00:12 +0200

Dave E. Birren wrote in reply to Jan Lelie in LO5871:
>This is a specific example, and it's admittedly the product of a limited
>amount of analysis. But it points out the possibility that the underlying
>reason for resistance to change could have nothing to do with the honesty
>of management or even their awareness of their own values. It could have
>everything to do with management's simple lack of awareness of the values
>that *really* drive the organiation and how dependent they are on those
>Food for thought.... eat well.

Thank you Dave. IMHO I think you hit the nail right on the head! ( BTW: a
typical dutch saying)

In my training experience I notice often that becoming aware of the
driving values often causes to much pain to those involved, especially
those values that can be marked with 'silent sabotage'.

What values are really driving an organization?
Are we managing the values or do the values manage us?
How does one manage this "not simple" but super important lack of
awareness-capabillity in management?
Does this mean that consultants and trainers - in general - are analysing
and solving the wrong problems?
Why bother everybody with 'quick fix' seminars and trainings, knowing
that you will not be able to reach out , touch and change the underlying
In other words: Why keep on doing things off which we can know that they
will not work?

Food for change.... Sleep well.


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