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Sat, 02 Mar 1996 13:12:37

Replying to LO5940 --

>I was surprised to see "process driven" on the 20 Century side of the list
>and "results driven" on the 21st century side of the list. While I think
>there shold be some metrics to strive toward, my past experiences indicate
>that results driven thinking focuses people on "making the numbers" and
>not on providing better/more products or services. Could you elaborate on
>what the speaker meant?

I did not see the posting referred to here but I might speculate that the
issue around 'process driven' is that processes should really only ever be
designed or exist to fulfill a purpose ... all too often in discovering
the essential nature of processes we can lose the notion of purpose... the
rush to use a process reminds me of the rush to action which caused Deming
to emphasise the need for the Shewhart PDCA cycle... some times we use
processes which are good ... have been substantially improved but fail to
serve the purpose..... so perhaps results focussed in the 21 century might
be seen as purposeful....???

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