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I have just joined this learning organization, my first electronic one. I
am a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia in
Vancouver, Canada, and am [hopefully] going to finish my Ph.D. this
summer. My research is about the effects of post-secondary education on
the development of learning organizations in smaller cities in British
Columbia. I also consider myself a practitioner in two ways. First, I am
a trainer in the Instructional Skills Workshops, and presently hold a
part-time staff position at UBC as Teaching Assistant Training
Co-ordinator. What we do mainly is train graduate TAs in instructional
skills, via a group of facilitators that are graduate students themselves.
Learning organization principles [I have read Senge and a fairly large
body of literature around these concepts] are applied in this group, which
has remained quite vibrant and innovative in the four years of its

Second, I am a bit of an unusual graduate student, in that I am in my
forties, and have already had considerable experience in business,
including entrepreneurship at a small scale. I am also a member of the
Academic Council of the Open Learning Agency of British Columbia, which is
engaged in distance education throughout the province.

My discipline is geography, not education, although I also have some
academic background in developmental psychology. My interests are
learning, work cultures, leadership, and development [this is the short
version]. I learned about this list from a colleague of mine who is in
adult education. I look forward to some productive discussions, and hope
I can make a positive contribution to them.



Lyle G. Courtney

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