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Hi Mike,

>Offers of
>empowerment, autonomous group working and participation in
>decision-making are serving as forms of inner control (the
>capture of hearts and minds) to replace the old forms of
>outer control (job descriptions, objectives, work roles).
>The greatest threat to the emergence of a genuinely more
>developmental form of organisation may be that the ideas
>become discredited through this form of abuse before they
>have had a chance to take hold.'

>[Host's Note: Mike Gurstein offers this quote. What do we think about

I think it's great: Learning Organizations are being taken seriously! They
are seeing the successes of the approach and start to copy it. Great.
Sometimes it will not succeed (which will off course be blamed on the
'controlled' people in the organization: not the right culture, not the
right attitude or it will be attributed to the changing market, the
customers or the competition), sometimes it will work. In the latter case,
the people involved will know why it worked: they made the choice of their

It has been the same with every other 'hype' (BPR, TQM, JIT, MRP-II, ABC,
OPT, In Search of Excellence, is there already an acronym for ETC?
Excellence Through Control?). Deming told it also in his comment on The
Fifth Discipline.

Thanks for sharing the quote,

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