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Mike Gurstein (mgurst@sparc.uccb.ns.ca)
Sun, 25 Feb 1996 10:33:29 -0400 (AST)

John Burgoyne in the UK professional HR magazine, People Management, 21
Sept 1995 wrote:

'There is considerable evidence that some of the ideas
associated with the aspirations for new forms of learning
company are being used to sugar the pill of the delayering,
downsizing organisation, which is demanding that many of
its members either leave or work harder for the same, or
less, reward (while significantly increasing the rewards of
those senior managers driving these changes). Offers of
empowerment, autonomous group working and participation in
decision-making are serving as forms of inner control (the
capture of hearts and minds) to replace the old forms of
outer control (job descriptions, objectives, work roles).
The greatest threat to the emergence of a genuinely more
developmental form of organisation may be that the ideas
become discredited through this form of abuse before they
have had a chance to take hold.'

[Host's Note: Mike Gurstein offers this quote. What do we think about
this? And, Burgoyne's comment indicates a trend in thinking, how do we
respond to it?...]


Mike Gurstein <mgurst@sparc.uccb.ns.ca>

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