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Sun, 25 Feb 1996 07:05:39 -0800

Hi - anyone

I am, or was, a geologist who became involved in the concept of the LO
some five years back when I was leading a small corporate team for a large
oil company who gave us the freedom to examine virtually any aspect of new
organizational thinking and practice that we wished to. Some people at IA
were hosts and companions on part of the journey and to them and others

These last three years I have been a part-time academic, consultant and
free-lance researcher. In the first two roles I facilitate various
management learning fora [though we don't find the name plays yet with
day-to-day British managers] and teach a 'course' on organisational
modelling'. I and my partners also work with companies who are up to
revealing, and shifting, the patterns which otherwise keep them stuck.
With my partner in the other sense of the word I also participate in a
business called Active Personal Learning that offers individuals and
[mainly small] companies a chance to use credit for Prior Learning as a
route to qualifications and a sense of personal mastery. We have project
experience to share if anyone is interested.

In research mode I have been curious for several years about the similar
dynamics of evolution in the natural world and organisational change and
innovation. MY interest is the engines of stability keeps either system
stuck for long periods of time. I would rather not, as a newcomer to this
list, broadcast my own possible answers straight off but would like to
make contact with others pursuing a similar enquiry.

I guess that's enough for now. Look forward to dialogue with you.



If [short for Ilfryn] Price The Harrow Partnership Limited Pewley Fort, Guildford UK

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