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Jan Lelie wrote:

>What if we intend to improve the process but still draw a 'standard' =
functional chart? (I agree with you, but more often than not, my client =
(the manager who is going to pay the bill), who says he wants to improve =
their processes, start out by drawing the charts.Sometimes i said: =
"don't bother", but this seemes to disturb them

Suggest to your client that the first step is to model the desired =
process(es). Once this has been done, then the tasks and activities in =
those processes can be aggregated into jobs, and then the jobs can be =
shown in an organisational chart. So, be fairly firm that until the =
process charts have been signed off, there's no point drawing =
(traditional) org charts.

This approach is used by a major consulting firm who's done a lot of =
work for Mobil. It'd fair to say that Mobil management was used to =
first drawing the org chart to "understand" what was going on. We are =
now a more process oriented company, but we've still a way to go... :-)

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