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Sun, 18 Feb 1996 14:04:29 -0600 (CST)

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On 13 Feb 1996, Rol Fessenden wrote:

> No, I'm not talking about the motivators, but about being motivated. What
> I think I observe in myself and others is that we observe other people
> attacking problems, understanding opportunities, challenging ways of
> thinking, discussing alternatives, struggling with choices, reaching
> decisions, and we see that the process is satisfying. as a consequence,
> we choose to be motivated. Based on our values we will choose what shall
> be the motivators.


> We need to recognize that we learn from others. Learning to bemotivated
> is one of the things we can learn. Learning what we want to be motivated
> by is another, but frequently learned in different milieux or from
> different mentors.

In your post, Rol, I found myself inserting the word "inspired" in place
of "motivated" much of the time. I think you have described the value of
having and spending time with "teachers", "mentors", "leaders", and "good
friends"--all of whom can spark the fires of our own unique motivating

I count the members of this list amoung all of the above categories, and
am grateful for the opportunity to continually learn and grow as a result.

Thanks for your investment of energy and time as part of the conversation.

Tobin Quereau
Austin Community College

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