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13 Feb 96 23:40:45 EST

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No, I'm not talking about the motivators, but about being motivated. What
I think I observe in myself and others is that we observe other people
attacking problems, understanding opportunities, challenging ways of
thinking, discussing alternatives, struggling with choices, reaching
decisions, and we see that the process is satisfying. as a consequence,
we choose to be motivated. Based on our values we will choose what shall
be the motivators.

One of my great teachers about the satisfaction of motivation was driven
by corporate success. I learned from him the fun of being motivated, but
I applied that motivation to different goals. Eventually, he learned from
me to be motivated to achieve personal success around private or social
issues and not corporate success. We both learned from each other some
very important lessons about being motivated, and about opening up our

We need to recognize that we learn from others. Learning to bemotivated
is one of the things we can learn. Learning what we want to be motivated
by is another, but frequently learned in different milieux or from
different mentors.

 Rol Fessenden
 LL Bean

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