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Sun, 18 Feb 1996 15:23:35 -0500

In reply to LO5683 and LO5692:

Both of these posts (and probably some others not mentioned here)
discussed alternative concepts to Organizational Charts (and ultimately
how an organization functions). This may be an interesting thread in

I don't know if it could ever classify as an org-chart, but in the book
Transforming the Way We Work there was an interesting diagram. I can't
recall the author and don't have the book right now. I believe it was
written in 1995. It was a short book on building a collaborative work
environment. There were several diagrams in the book, one of which
impressed me the most.

It had a large ring in the center, with smaller rings each intersecting
the larger ring. All of the rings represented various teams of people. If
I remember correctly, the intersecting portions of each ring was
representative of someone who serves as a link between the two.

When I get the book back, maybe I can describe it better if anyone is

Diane Korzeniewski


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