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Virginia I. Shafer (
Sun, 18 Feb 1996 14:10:01 -0700

Replying to LO5693 --

Scott Cypher writes:

>I'd like to see us ask "Why" as many times as necessary to get the above
>three down to an essence, and then see if downsizing is the right answer
>to that essential problem. Often I've seen downsizing advocated as the
>solution, when I'm not clear that it will solve the root problem....

I've never known downsizing offered as a solution to a root problem, per
se. Rather, I've seen it as the reaction to a desire to increase
profits--but they can only be enjoyed in the shortest run. Is it a
"problem" if shareholders and corporate executives want more money today
and can't wait until tomorrow? Why ask why when the answer is apparent?

I hope this helps get to the essence.
Ginger Shafer
The Leadership Dimension
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-- (Virginia I. Shafer)

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