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Wolfgang Schmidt wrote
>I agree that there is a anti CEO bias in many comments in that
>list - but I think that there are also good reasons for that bias. Let us
>start with the question what the objective of the organization is.

I was trained, in part, to do change management work by Don Harrison,
partner in the firm Implementation Management Associates. Don told us at
one point that he had no problem with the extremely large salaries that
CEO's draw ... provided they are doing a CEO's job. That job is looking
out to see new directions and steering the corporation toward those
directions so that it, and the employees, remain viable in the

I haven't observed very many CEO's who are doing such a job. One such is
Doug Matthews, the new CEO of Achievers Unlimited. Doug was named
Entrepreneur of The Year by Entrepreneur magazine for 3 years. This is
the way CEO's ought to be. Instead, most look inward to see how they can
maximize "profits" and cut costs. That's a middle manager's job. If they
want to do that job, let them receive middle managers pay and put someone
else in the top job.


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