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In 5628 Bill Hobler wrote

>If it takes just one generation, their introduction into modern
>society takes place in 2030 or so. My fear is that large
>groups of people will be subject to abject depravation as the
>developed world wallows in excess. The situation could be
>one very similar to ones that spawned revolutions on grand

Ah, yes, the lost lessons of history. I read, a short time back, a number
of articles which talk about the development of a Have's-vs-Have-Not's
society in the US. I believe that this phenomenon is reflected around the
world. This is a very serious dynamic and issue which I feel we have an
obligation to address globally as well as locally.

Capitalism is much touted as the superior form of society on this planet
by those who are benefitting from capitalism. However, I have to question
the premise of this viewpoint when I consider the increasing numbers of
homeless people and the unemployed in this country.

Someone mentioned our low unemployment rate in a previous posting. This
reminds me of a story told by Tom Peters about an executive who stood
during one of his "speeches" and informed Tom that their company was not
doing anything that everyone else was [not] doing, too. They didn't
deserve to be talked down to by Tom because they were no worse than anyone
else in their business.

Tom asked the listener to imagine that company's logo. There were
pictures of those things which defined that company's products and
processes. There, scrolled around the picture, were the words "We're no
worse than anyone else!"

Would you buy a product or service from that company? Yet, this is
precisely what we, in all of our capitalistic glory, are asking the world
to do with regard to us.

I am not against profiting (even obscenely) from one's labors. However, I
believe that we have a moral obligation to serve the society which gave us
our riches and to returrn something to that society which makes it a
better place. Instead, I too often see blind greed and blatant abuse of

I had better get off of this soapbox before I get started. Just a few


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