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Clyde Howell wrote
>The problem for this successful and
>prosperous country is that this new technology is very expensive.
>Because they haven't built any other economic base except agriculture,
>they don't have the means to acquire this new technology.

I agree. I could argue that they don't have the technology sophistication
to use new technology but this is splitting hairs. Just as we Americans
err in expecting all societies to be ready for democracy, we err in
expecting all economies to be ready for the 'information age'.

Societies do not change as quickly as we like either. I am afraid that it
will be generations before some societies are really ready to fully
participate in the environment of international high technology business.
If it takes just one generation, their introduction into modern society
takes place in 2030 or so. My fear is that large groups of people will be
subject to abject depravation as the developed world wallows in excess.
The situation could be one very similar to ones that spawned revolutions
on grand scales.

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