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Mike Gurstein (mgurst@sparc.uccb.ns.ca)
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 23:20:13 -0400 (AST)

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E-Conf List (Electronic Conferencing)

You are invited to subscribe to E-Conf a new list on all aspects of
electronic conferencing, electronically supported training and the use of
electronic media to support the "virtual organization". The list will
include discussions on the organizational, psychological and technical
elements of on line conferences, electronic conferencing and all aspects
of virtual organizations.

Among the topics which will be covered are
--reviews of conferencing systems,
--the use of various internet facilities--phone, video, IRC,
newsgroups, e-lists, MUDs/MOOS, WWW in supporting e-conferences (ECs),
E-training and virtual organizations (VOs)
--the "facilitation/animation" of e-conferences and virtual
--managing on-line conferences and virtual organizations
--the psychology and on-line environments of electronic
conferencing and virtual organizations

The list will be facilitated by Michael Gurstein, Ph.D., an
experienced practitioner/consultant in the application of technology
supports to organizational processes and Alan Sondheim an Internet
consultant, co-moderator of Cybermind, theorist whose book Being on
Line will appear Spring, 1996 and a long-time "student/practitioner" of
on-line conference tools including MUDs and MOOs, Cu-SEE-Me, and Iphone.

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List moderators

Mike Gurstein mgurst@sparc.uccb.ns.ca

Alan Sondheim sondheim@panix.com

Mike Gurstein <mgurst@sparc.uccb.ns.ca>

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