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Donald R. Clarke wrote
>Roxanne, Can the stockholders and employees be considered members of the
>same team? If the compensation staff determined the compensation of both
>the stockholders and employees, as part of the same compensation system,
>perhaps the compensation staff (and others) would have less of a problem
>in determining who their customer is. By the way, are employees
>stockholders too?

Are there not several value streams here, each with its own 'customer
group'. In addition the value streams have differing objectives.

There is the value stream leading to the business' customers. Value is or
is not delivered to customers by processes the employees. Goal: value as
inexpensively as possible.

The shareholders are a set of customers that invest in a valuable piece of
the company and expect a return on that investment. Goal: As high a
return on investment as possible.

The employees are a set of customers that invest their labor and intellect
expecting to be paid for them. A share in the p[rofits of the company and
livinig wages. Goal, fair payment for the labor invested.

A simple solution to the balance of product delivery, return on investment
and fair pay for labor is not available. One must examine the full fabric
of the corporation.

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