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On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, William J. Hobler, Jr. wrote:

> A simple solution to the balance of product delivery, return on investment
> and fair pay for labor is not available. One must examine the full fabric
> of the corporation.

I'm mapping these things out for different types of value creating
organizations (is there an organization that doesn't create value?)...
things can get very complex... I'm using a similar approach to the one
you used in your message...


I think the balance you refer to is available but it requires that the
organizational system has the requisite capabilities _as a whole_ to
create value with minimum resources. [One of the side benefits to
learning (in a general sense) is increased capabilities....]

It seems to me that a lot of organizations take the "start with lots of
capital and resources at first" approach and the "throw as much money or
resources as it takes to solve a problem or get a solution or switch
contexts" with no regard to learning or to increasing the capabilities of
the stakeholders (employees, shareholders, etc.).

I think that money can't buy learning and increased capabilities.
I think an adage that I read a while ago applies here, "If you can't make
money without money, you won't make money with money either."

One approach is for organizational stakeholders to learn as much as they
can and increase their capabilities as much as they can _outside of an
existing organization or an organization that they start_ and then when
they have enough capabilities, then go into those existing organizations
or organizations that they start and create maximum value with minimum

Another approach is for organizational stakeholders to pre-determine the
criteria that they want in other stakeholders that will be involved in an
organizational system (learning is a criteria... but it depends on the
context) and then select people to work with.. If a stakeholder doesn't
meet the criteria then choose someone else to work with.

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