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5 Feb 1996 09:33:40 -0500

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I agree with Chris about the limits of the Parker Team Player Survey. His
description of the individual scope is accurate.

I have not seen the GDQ Grup Development Questionnaire, and will contact
Susan Wheelan about it. Thanks for the tip!

I also will point out that Glenn Parker has apparnetly recognized the need
for a team tracking instrument. He has created one call the "Team
Development Survey". It consists of 3 separate items:

1. The 18-page leader's guide
2. a companion 4-page Team Member Survey Form
3. the 4=page Team Scoring Form

This survey is simple to use, and allows team leaders, members,
facilitators or sponsors to graph on a matrix the results of survey
results. In the discussion guide, there are a dozen discussion topics:

1. Clear Purpose
2. Informality
3. Participation
4. Listening
5. Civilized Disgareement
6. Consensus Decisions
7. Open Comunication
8. Clear Roles and Work Assignments
9. Shared Learning
10. External Relations
11. Style Diversity
12. Self Assessment

This stuff is also available from XICOM, Woods Road, Tuxedo, NY 10987.
Their phone is 800 759 4266 (Marge Brophy) or 914 351 4762

Thanks for the tip, Chris.
Best regards,

Barry Mallis
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