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Paul said;

>Yes I would very much appreciate Xicom's e-mail address/telephone number so
>as to obtain cost/postage details. And also yes if you would give me some
>detail of your use of the Parker Team Player Survey and your reaction to it.

In case you missed the address on an earlier posting on the LO list":

Sterling Forest, NY
(914) 351-4735

A little about Glenn Parker's materials. He has a book that's distributed
by Xicom -- title (I think) Team Players Team Workers. Easy and good

I use the instrument both as a team planning and assesment tool.

Individuals on a team take the survey. They find what which of the four
basic member style they operate with.

Challenger (candid, ethical, prinipled adventurous.....)
Collaborator (Cooperative, confidant, accomodating, generous, visionary.....
Contributor (dependable, efficient, logical, systematic, proficient......)
Communicator ( Supportive, encouraging, tactful, patient, spontaneous....

Each caategory has effective and ineffective behaviors associated with it.
I use a 'personal' planning sheet for individuals to use to prepare an
"Interpersonal Effectiveness Plan" for working with other members (as
individuals and as a group).

We get to look at 'typical' style behaviors at each stage of group
development (Forming, storming, Norming, performing) and what each style's
concerns are at that stage and what positive actions their style can
contribute as the group moves throught the stages and toward the
performance stage.

It also allow for each person to examine their style and function as a
Team Leader.

Specifically in the areas of planning, communication, risk taking and
problem solving.

The tool also allows us to look at the different member styles that the
team is comprised of and decide whether we need to add a particular style
to the mix or not. Or, what the existing team members must do to ensure
the team benefits by the member style(s) that might be missing!!

Parker also offers an assesment tool for seeing how the team is
functioning at the moment.

If you'd like to talk via the phone, let me know

Joe DiVincenzo

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