Archetypes and causal modeling LO3663

Mulligan, Margie (MMulligan@OS.Varian.COM)
Tue, 07 Nov 95 17:05:00 PST

After seeing "Ithink" causal models at Council for Continuous Improvement
(CCI) and the Learning Community in Los Altos, I have been learning more
about the archetypes (ala Senge) and using Facilitation Graphics to
pictorially describe some of the problems we are having at Oncology
Systems (Varian). If this is "proven" successful as a tool, we may buy a
fancier version of causal loop modeling to get more rigorous.

I wonder if any of you are or could recommend someone in a manufacturing
organization who is using the archetypes (not stock and flow) or maybe
causal modeling in general to do systems thinking. We are just beginning
to identify and draw the archetypes as we analyze problems. What we are
struggling with is how to put a complete picture of the problem together,
combining various archetypes, or expanding the archetypes to include more

It would be helpful to talk with people about how they learned to use the
archetypes. Where could we go to meet/share experiences with other
archetype users?

If there is enough interest, I would be happy to host a small session (20
people) at Varian, Oncology Systems or people to share their experiences
and some examples. I am trying NOT to travel.

You can call me directly in Palo Alto California at 415-424-4591 or
respond by e-mail.

"Mulligan, Margie" <MMulligan@OS.Varian.COM>