Re: Archetypes and causal modeling LO3677
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 08:59:11 -0500

Replying to LO3663 --

Trying once again, all of Senge's archetypical cyclic models, and all
other structural models, should be (but seldom are) based in the Theory of
Relations, Augustus DeMorgan, 1847. That theory and its constructive
successors, are all applied in Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM)
(Warfield, 1974, 1976).

Causal models are one subclass of Influence Models, which are one of the
six types of categories of relations (Warfield, many times). Causal
models are among the most incompetent creations, because they presume too
much. The issue has been dealt with succinctly by Goethe and one of the
Pascals (I forget which one), both pointing out that "cause and effect" is
either a totally bad concept, or one which is gravely misused.

As far as using this material in a manufacturing organization (not the
Senge archetypes, but the scientifically-based process), you could do a
lot worse than talk to Scott M. Staley at the Ford Motor Company, which
has been using ISM, along with other methodologies drawn from Interactive
Management (Warfield and Cardenas, 1994). Send me a personalized request
and I will ask him to call you at the phone numbert you provide.