Re: Intro: Robert J. Glitz

Bill Harris (
Tue, 8 Nov 94 9:05:58 PST

I am one of the BPR-L members who joined here, too. I have been using SD
concepts for a number of years, and I was looking for others to share ideas
with to help make my use of those concepts more effective. I'll probably
lurk for a while, but I do have a comment on Robert Glitz's message.

> For the new project, we intend to transform our existing IDEF0
>models into the ithink language. (There is rumored to be a semi-automated
>method/tool for doing this, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it work.
>Does anyone out there know of such a thing??) After initial model
>construction we will build management flight simulators to test the model.

It sounds like you are trying to simulate a significant part of the
organization. I have found from personal experience, from readings, and
from a class in simulation I took that one is most successful if one can
focus on the problem that needs solving and just simulate the abstracted
problem, rather than trying to simulate the entire organization. I really
have learned more that way.

>We will then use the ithink mgt flt simulators in combination with a mobil
>electronic meeting system environment

I do see the theoretical advantage of using flight simulators for
broad-based learning among people who may not all be ready to accept a
simulation of the abstracted model, but I believe it is a lot harder to
come up with a model that can be validated (and if it can't be validated,
there can (and should) be credibility issues).

My $0.02 worth.


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