Intro: Robert J. Glitz

Mon, 7 Nov 94 8:23:59 EST

Greetings to the L-O list members,

My name is LtCol Robert J. Glitz, USAF, and I am one of the sixty new list
members that joined in the last three days. I heard about this list from the
BRP-L list, where systems dynamics ideas have been bounced around for quite a
while. Evidently, there is quite a hunger for this area of study.

I became interested in SD and L-Os from a local (Washington, DC) contractor
when I was searching for a better way to add value to our previous
organizational modeling work -- done in IDEF0 and IDEF1X almost two years
earlier. For the new project, we intend to transform our existing IDEF0
models into the ithink language. (There is rumored to be a semi-automated
method/tool for doing this, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it work.
Does anyone out there know of such a thing??) After initial model
construction we will build management flight simulators to test the model.
We will then use the ithink mgt flt simulators in combination with a mobil
electronic meeting system environment to travel through the organization,
testing, teaching, and improving the model(s). (The EMS, using Groupsystems
V and CM-1, will help us gather, sort, and present feedback with improved
efficiency/effectiveness.) The intent is that this will lead to
organizational change and improvement (we used to be in fat city, but now we
are under constant, forced, and traumatic downsizing).

If anyone has criticism or feedback for me on this thumbnail sketch of a
project, I would appreciate hearing it all.

Chief, Analysis Division
Air National Guard Readiness Center/XPA
Andrews AFB, MD 20331-5157

BTW: In the short time that I've listened to this list, there have been some
*neat* discussions/postings. I'm really excited about the field and this