Re: Intro: Robert J. Glitz

Wiggo Hustad (
Wed, 09 Nov 1994 13:34:46 +0100

R.J Glitz wrote: (among other things)

After initial model
>construction we will build management flight simulators to test the model.
The intent is that this will lead to
>organizational change and improvement (we used to be in fat city, but now we
>are under constant, forced, and traumatic downsizing).
>If anyone has criticism or feedback for me on this thumbnail sketch of a
>project, I would appreciate hearing it all.

Yours and others presentations lately shows that many of us have interests
in what I would call the interface between IT and organization theory or
development. It is very easy to get fascinated by the new products and
modelling techniques. Therefore I will point at a very good book that
represents a insightful criticism to a blind appreciation of information
technology/AI. It serves a an eyeopener, and is also useful for L-O
purposes. Read

Roger Penrose (1990):
The Emperor's New Mind - Concerning Computers, Minds and the Law of Physics,
Vintage, London.

all the best from

Wiggo Hustad