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Keith Cowan (
Tue, 8 Nov 1994 22:23:07 -0500 (EST)

> From: Richard Karash <>
> I'm curious what organization you work for and whether you are internal
> or an outside consultant. I'll bet others on the list would be curious too.
It's a long story. I worked for IBM Canada for 25 years: 20 managers and
10 jobs, retired and formed Yorktown Technologies which specializes in
breakthrough technology solutions using OO techniques and expert systems
including some proprietary neural network models. I am the marketing, sales
and product manager arm but also do consulting for hire in my spare time.

I mostly eliminated jobs in IBM by addressing root causes and effecting
long term solutions. The cycle involved 6 months intensive study 12 months
of execution to remove root causes and 12 months of leverage to get results
in the outstanding category. Then I looked for a new class of challenges and
usually repeated the process, getting the job down to 2 days/week before
setting the new higher goals. Now I tire of the reengineering after nine months
and look for a new area. The current company is only $80 million revenue and
550 employees so I am also redoing their planning process as an "extra" ...
I love to interact with peer practitioners because the days are lonely even
though lots of people are aorund! Thanks for listening

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